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Join us for our March Wine club, where we will be exploring the wines of Campania, and the rich history of the region. Picturesque postcards depict Campania via the Amalfi Coast, as well as the infamous Vesuvius. From clay-rich volcanic soil, to the glorious windswept Mediterranean coast, Campania is a wealth of diversity and terroir.

  • three bottles (one of each wine selection, $100)
  • six bottles (two of each wine selection, $190),
  • twelve bottles (3 each of four different wine selections $360).

Each installment can be purchased as a one-time purchase, as a gift, or as a club subscription.

Wine club subscribers will receive:

  • priority access to O&R wine events
  • 10% off of all bottled wine purchases when dining in.
The Oak & Reel Bottle Club offers an opportunity for you to enjoy curated wines from our highly skilled sommelier team. The wine club features monthly installments with themes to showcase the regionality and uniqueness of the many winemaking regions of the world.
The wines selected for the O&R Wine Club are designed to help expand your knowledge of the world of grapes. Each month you will receive a description of the wines in your package, along with information to help you not only to understand what is in that bottle, but also how to pair your wine with food.

Pickup will be available the first weekend of each month.

Upcoming Regions:

  • March - Campania
  • April - Trentino Alto-Adige
  • May - Provence

We hope each installment will help showcase the many great wines of the world in an enjoyable and unpretentious manner. Just simply great wine to enjoy with great food and, most importantly, great people. We look forward to sharing with you. Cheers!

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