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Marinated Shrimp | Creamy Polenta | Bucatini all'Amatriciana | Ready-to-eat Sides
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Each week Chef Jared will curate a featured provision box to include raw protein, fresh house-made pasta, sauces, and prepared side dishes for you to cook at home, with directions and tips from Chef Jared. Don’t forget to add a bottle or 2 of wine to round out your box and enjoy!

This weeks selection includes the following items:

Proteins - Marinated Shrimp

Pasta - Bucatini all'Amatriciana

Produce & Prepared Dishes:

- Creamy polenta with Parmigiano

- Chickpea Salad and roast squash with preserved orange

- Charred cauliflower with raisins and Ricotta Salata

These boxes are selected with 4 individual entree portions in mind.

Allergies? Send us an email at

Orders for chef boxes placed for pickup in advance are subject to change as we will rotate its contents each week. — Still guaranteed to be delicious though. 🙂

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